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We owned the movie rental business. Owned it. I remember when someone said that Avarice Corp is targeting us. I thought it was a joke…. Well, I’m not laughing anymore

Jeff D

I was so excited to lead our sales activities. We had a camera that can offer instant pictures. Instant!!! What more can you ask? And then someone mentioned Avarice Corp was looking at the camera business. I was shocked that they will try and win over us. Well, they did their thing and the rest is history.

Danna R

We were toys. We loved it and the kids loved us. Even parents loved letting kids run around in the stores. We knew Chinese companies are coming for our business, web ordering was booming but we knew the toy business inside and out. We had it covered. I remember the day I read a piece about Avarice Corp moving into our domain. I knew their reputation. They sure lived up to it. Within less than a year we were out on the street…

Mike B

Our Story

Avarice stands for “Extreme greed for wealth or material gain” by the Oxford dictionary. We try to live up to such high standards by everything we do. If you are reading this be advised that we may be targeting your business too.

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Do you want to participate in the Avarice Corp: Company Wars game?